Giving Back – Wolf + Woman Jewelry

Giving Back

How do we give back? Wolf + Woman Jewelry donates 1% of its proceeds to Los 7 Chivos.

Wolf + Woman has teamed up with a non-profit organization in Guatemala called Los 7 Chivos.
 This organization raises awareness and funds by summiting mountains/volcanos all throughout Central America and Mexico. One hundred percent of funds raised go to one of seven different initiatives to support children's education and health in Guatemala:

1. Scholarships Primary School
2. Scholarships Secondary School
3. Improving school facilities
4. Interactive Libraries
5. Nutritional Rehabilitation
6. Malnourished Pregnant Mothers
7. Child Home Care

Please visit for more information. The site is in Spanish but try using the Google Chrome translate button or contact me with any questions!

Back Story: Guatemala holds a very dear place in my heart. Before moving to Kelowna, I lived and worked for an NGO in San Marcos/Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. This country and the people that live there have seen more than their fair share of rough times, government corruption and poverty. There’s so much need for support in the numerous communities and I hope that we can provide that support all the way from here!